Top 5 Challenges that You Should Overcome as a Freelance Writer

Top 5 Challenges that You Should Overcome as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a double-edged sword.


On one hand, it is highly autonomous and offers incredible financial freedom and flexibility.


On the other, it’s laden with challenges of sorts that can “inspire” you to flip tables and make you rethink your nature as a person.


Here are these freelance writing challenges.

1. The Search for Good Clients


You’ve probably heard the stories involving freelance writers who deal with toxic clients. If you haven’t, let us fill you in.


A toxic client is:


  • A micro-manager
  • A time-consumer
  • Over-critical
  • Pays too unfairly


To top his annoying personality, this client would request tasks that are outright impossible to accomplish.


For instance, he asks you to write a 2,000-word well-researched article on cancer treatments that is due in an hour. Worse, he tells you to add at least a couple of images to it and optimize it for SEO purposes.


Sadly, this happens in the freelance writing community.


For you to avoid unprofessional behavior (on both ends), remind yourself to just be the bigger person. Despite their unpleasant attitude, be kind to them.


As wrong as it may seem to you, sometimes all these toxic clients need is a little bit of understanding.


The solution is to be straightforward from the start. If you dislike something, put it on the table immediately.

2. The Need to Be Outstanding


Another one of these freelance writing challenges is the need to stand out. As you work on freelance projects, remember that you have to excel.


In the freelance writing world, there are a lot of talented writers. While there’s nothing wrong with being average, an average writing skill + an average mindset migh just be an obstacle in your success.


To market your writing services with a surefire chance of success, you need to be among those outstanding writers.

3. The Tight Competition


Then, there’s the matter of competition.


With a pool of freelance writers working on all sorts of freelance projects in the freelancing world, you have plenty of competition.


Think of it as a battleground. Wouldn’t go out there without a fighting chance, would you?


With a fighting chance, you might survive. But to succeed, you need more than just a fighting chance.


What you need is to be the better writer. Excellence in writing, communication skills, time management, typing, researching, and more should be on your skill set.


Simply put, to avoid competitors from crushing you, you need to be the best of the best. To make it, you need to find the motivation to succeed.


4. The Tight Deadlines


Meeting deadlines is a challenging aspect, too. In this line of work, your time management skills NEED to be good.


If your client says that he needs you to write an article and then submit it by 9:00 in the evening, that’s what you do.


You write the article and then have it ready by 9:00 in the evening — or earlier than that.


That’s how it works. Absolutely no excuses.


Sure, the industry is called “freelance writing”.


But freelance writing work is not only about writing. If you think that you’re cut out to be a freelance writer just because you could write, you’re 100% wrong.


It’s also about writing with a ticking clock as the background noise. And even with a ticking clock, you need to excel and write your way to success.

5. The Financial Management


In the freelance writing industry, freelance writers are usually on their own.


While it can be nice to not have a boss who’d breathe through your neck, a solo flight can be a bit scary where money is concerned.


You’re on your own and it’s up to you to manage your earnings. If you have poor money management skills, you’re likely doomed.


But if you look past the fact that money management is all up to you, you’ll realize that such a career opportunity is actually exciting.


The payment for a successful freelance writing project is usually fixed. And you’ll have 100% autonomy over where it goes.


It’s up to you to compartmentalize your earnings. You should have enough for personal savings, emergency funds, health care funds, retirement funds, travel allowance, and more. If you can make this happen, then it’s one challenge off the list for you!


The Bottom Line


To sum up, a career opportunity in the field of freelance writing can be attractive, especially if you want to enjoy the benefits of a virtual office.


Mind you, though, it is not a career for the faint of heart. And it’s definitely not a walk in the park. These — and more — freelance writing challenges can intervene to make it difficult.


But if you have the skills, the strategies, and the right attitude — positive attitude, to be exact — towards this line of work, you will surely be successful.


Are you a freelance writer? Do you have something to add? Kindly comment below.


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